Henry Carlton is known as an inventor and entrepreneur, who created multiple successful businesses over the past 40 years. He grew up in Germany, where he got his Bachelor Degree in Business. In 1995, after managing a Veterinarian Hospital for 5 years, he decided to move to the United States to follow his dream. Since then, he never stopped working on his favorite animation projects, with his ultimate goal in mind, namely the establishing of his “Doctor Wooff Cartoon-Animal-Hospital” in real life.

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- He is the author of the quarterly “Did you know” cartoon book-series, a treasure chest full of great tips for kids and their caregivers, about the proper care for pets.

- He also created his own comic books series : “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow”, 

-and added a coloring book series for the little ones,

-and an activity book series for older kids, and it is all around the proper care for animals. 

-Henry’s favorite book series is the one he will co-author with children, where kids are writing their animal stories and sending in drawings about their pets to eventually have it  “originally, un-edited “ published in a book collection called:

                 “Doctor Wooff’s favorite Artists and Authors”! 

All products are sold only through Doctor Wooff’s website!  

-Henry is not only an author but also wrote his first song, which became the “Theme song for the Doctor Wooff animation series”. 


-One of his big achievements is the Founding and Creation of the cartoon animation project  “Judge Leo” and the  “World-Animal-Court”, where animals are prosecuting humans for cruelty to animals! 

Addressing the lack of real consequences for the perpetrators and their unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals, Henry’s show will serve as a bridge between humans and animals, giving the voiceless and hurt their final day in court to see “justice  done ” through Judge LEO! (JudgeLeo.com)

As the Executive Producer, Henry Carlton put together an exceptional international production team, where he oversees and coordinates all the productivity-skills of over 450 people, to assure that everyone works together for his animated series for TV, online “webisodes” and ultimately, for the big screen.  

-Henry is also the Executive Producer of another animated show he created. The show's name is “Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow” (doctorwooff.com),  where he uses the best-known tool to teach children, namely through cartoon animation, the proper care for dogs and cats and other pets. The premises for many episodes have been written and after script and story boards receive their final approval, the next step will be full animation production. One of his goals is to establish “learning with fun”, to help children and their caregivers to remember the many tips and do’s and don’ts they’ve learned about the proper care for pets.

Recognizing the need to speak up for animals who are neglected, abused, and abandoned, Henry decided to do something about it. As a successful entrepreneur, he started the “Ask Doctor Wooff “ hand-puppet online series, where the audience does not only hear and learn hundreds of great do’s and don’ts tips about proper pet care, but is also invited to send their questions about their pets to….” ask (at) DoctorWooff (.com)”


To top it off, as soon all 18 Characters from “Doctor Wooff’s Hand-Puppet Team” are developed and available for “Primetime”, Henry and his team will open up the opportunity for his audience, to get a hold of their favorite Characters, including FREE access to “Doctor Wooff’s easy to follow special color coded role plays”! The audience will be encouraged to start creating their own “Doctor Wooff Puppet Shows“ with their own “role plays”  *;

*separate rules apply!

Just to give you a little pre-peak of what’s in store for all  Doctor Wooff hand-puppet “artists”….

…any “self-created role play” that is sent to us and chosen by us to be published on Doctor Wooff’s website,  will automatically qualify the “author” to receive the very desirable 

“Doctor Wooff Role-Play Award“ 

and also a special recognition on Doctor Wooff’s 

“Wall Of Appreciation“
By following us, you won’t miss anything that might be important to you;

-Henrys creativity does not end here. He has also created the first animated cooking show for kids, called the Chickenclubhouse (.com), where 12 funny retired former “Layers” ( Chickens)  show their audience, how to bake and how to cook healthy, quick, and easy meals.  


Their secret is: “Teamwork makes the Dream work”!

As a young man, he started to developed his love for dogs, serving friends by walking their dogs. This became the foundation for a great success story, following the last  40 years, Henry became a huge advocate for animals.

Henry, together with his wife and daughter enjoys very much living in Florida.  When asked about how many pets they have/had, he does not hesitate to put them into categories and to name them all. It becomes clear to everyone, that Henry and his wife combined represent over 80 years of a happy,  pet-filled life, where almost all animals were rescued or adopted. Together they raised and cared for a total of  6 German Boxers,  2 Miniature Schnauzers, 1 Standard Schnauzer, 5 mixed puppies, 19 Boxer puppies, 5 German Shepard, 1 Dachshund, and 12 cats. And there were more, he said, 5 Budgies, 1 Hamster and 2 Rabbits!

Henry considers himself an absolute animal lover and learned hundreds of his tips from taking care of his 4 legged companions. Above all, Henry credits most of his today's success to the 5 years he spent in Germany, managing a Veterinarian Hospital for small animals! 

“It was then when I developed the basic ideas for my animation projects, looking for ways to educate a whole new generation, worldwide, on the proper care for pets!”

Henry Carlton