Greeting Cards

Make this a very special, highly appreciated “Surprise”

Send a “Greeting Card” to a pet of a friend of yours on behalf of your pet!

No matter if it is just  for the arrival of a “new 4 legged family member", or a dogs birthday, or a "get well soon" message, because your friends cat got sick and went to the Vet, or just a “thinking about you” acknowledgment, compose your own message!

Choose a card, write your message into the “comment box” and submit by placing your order and we will send out an envelope to the address of your friend(s) on your behalf, with your card and message! 

Now sit back and watch how much happiness you have just created! You will be the talk of the day!

For example, people will say, “you won’t believe who just send our cat “Bella” a “get well postcard…”, it was “Susi”, the dachshund from the Smith Family…