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Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow are cartoon characters that were created to educate children and their caregivers about proper animal care.

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In daily case studies Doctor Wooff, Nurse Meow and their capable staff will demonstrate humane treatment of pets at their Animal Hospital in Petsprings™.

Doctor Wooff

Doctor Wooff is an ageless and wise American veterinarian who founded Doctor Wooff's Animal Hospital.

He has traveled internationally to become a leading authority on animal rights issues and their global problems.

In those travels, he learned that he had a natural gift for communicating with animals, regardless of whether they fly, hop, bark, hiss, oink or roar.

Upon arrival on the East coast of the US, Doctor Wooff decided that he would open his first veterinary office in Petsprings.

He always makes sure that everyone learns a lesson from each case. At the end of every day in his clinic, he meets with his staff members around the dinner table to discuss important cases.

He pays great attention to hygiene issues and teaches its importance wherever he goes.

Doctor Wooff speaks Latin, German and Spanish. He loves listening to classical music and collecting figurines, clocks and watches.

Nurse Meow

Nurse Meow is an ageless American cat. Her ancestors are from Europe.

French is her second language and she has worked in France as a nurse for many years at an animal hospital.

She loves cooking, dancing and is always well groomed.

Nurse Meow loves to read and educates herself through a wide variety of animal related books and TV shows.

She loves collecting handbags, purses, and other fashionable items.

She met Doctor Wooff on a crusie to the United States and decided to help him in his new animal clinic.

Nurse Jumpy

Nurse Jumpy is from Australia.

She is in charge of managing the sleepover quarters, on the second floor, where patients and their owners can stay together, in suites, to speed up the recovery process after operations.

She carries medicine for her patients in her pouch because it is practical for her job, and she can care for many patients in a short period of time.

She loves music, walking, jumping high, and utilizing high tech gadgets and computers to make her job easier.


Aleasha is a retired Afghan Hound and won many races as a young girl.

Now she works together with Madame Paulette in Doctor Wooff's Beauty Salon and loves to give her clientele a great make-over; she also holds a degree as a Massage Therapist and is specialized in the field of “reflex zone" massage.

Her hobbies are playing the piano and her keyboard. She founded her own Rescue Foundation, where she constantly looks for permanent homes for retired race dogs.

Dave the Driver

Dave the Driver is a greyhound dog. He loves all forms of car racing, motorcycling, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Dave is one of the most skilled computer and electronic people in the clinic and runs the website of the clinic and all the social media together with Claude Gander and Miss Nellie.

He works at the clinic as the emergency vehicle driver and is helping Claude Gander around the clinic with all kinds of special assignments.

In his spare time he works with organizations that place retired racing dogs in private homes for adoption.

He loves to play the guitar and his favorite hobby is entertaining people with magic tricks, especially card tricks and making things disappear.

Claude Gander

Claude Gander is a male Canada Goose from Quebec and works in and around Doctor Wooff's animal hospital.

He is in charge of maintenance and security as well as special assignments. He is tenacious and quite the watchdog, from his tree house office just outside the hospital.

Claude is loud by nature, so others are pleased he is outside unless needed. His biggest pet peeve is people who do not pick up after their dogs.

He makes his disapproval known by honking from his tree house office, and quickly approaches them to explain why it is important to pick up behind your dog and why it is important to ensure that the dog is regularly dewormed and has all his shots updated.

He also speaks French and loves to show people how to recycle according to the newest standards. Together with Dave the Driver he composes songs for things that he cares about….and his voice sometimes is a little of the note. He has a huge cell phone collection and all the newest high-tech gadgets and loves everything that has to do with cameras.


Chaco is a parrot that Doctor Wooff rescued from pet smugglers. His perch is next to Miss Nellie and he greets patients as they come in.

He speaks Spanish, German, Italian and French and loves to irritate Miss Nellie by imitating the phone ringing.

He always thinks he has to have the last word. When he gets agitated or suspicious of someone, especially when he can sense an abused animal entering the clinic, he starts pulling on his feathers , and sometimes he doesn't stop till they fall out and he does this with a very loud squawking noise to make everyone aware that something is wrong…. He collects nuts in all shapes and sizes and loves to whistle and to sing the songs he hears.

Captain Gary

Captain Gary is a handsome and very smart pelican from Florida. He is mostly seen driving Doctor Wooff's sail and motor yachts from harbor to harbor, assisting making house calls to help fellow boat owners with their pets.

A wealthy pet lover donated the yachts to Doctor Wooff. Doctor Wooff and his team are taking turns utilizing these boats to study and help marine wildlife all over the world.

Doctor Wooff and Captain Gary will continue to sail the world together and educate the public on all oceanic issues. They sing songs along the way while Captain Gary plays the accordion. Captain Gary loves gourmet fish sticks! He claims that his ancestors invented them.

Doctor Ching Chow

Doctor Ching Chow is a Chinese veterinarian who always has a big smile and tells stories and jokes to make other people smile.

He studied veterinary medicine in Peking, China, and also studied alternative medicine methods for small and large animals, in different countries around the world. He uses vitamins, minerals, herbs, teas, acupuncture, acupressure and many other natural products and procedures. Doctor Ching Chow speaks Chinese and loves poetry and martial arts, and is a great cook too.

He is one of the most famous specialists in his field and travels to international conventions as a guest speaker. This is where he met Doctor Wooff one day and decided to join “Doctor Wooff’s Dream Team."

Doctor Drool

Doctor Drool is a dentist of German Boxer descent. He leads the dental practice in Doctor Wooff’s clinic.

He is very funny and has a lot of good advice regarding dental hygiene for pets. He enjoys taking naps during the afternoon, listening to the seagulls and the waves on the beach, and cooking Italian food.

He is an inventor of new technical products and ideas, which he tries out on his patients, but they do not always work.

He enjoys boxing, football and collecting old toy cars. Doctor Drool speaks German, Latin and a little Italian.

Doctor Juanita Sanchez

Doctor Juanita Sanchez is a Mexican veterinarian and a petite Chihuahua, who takes care of all the Spanish speaking clientele in Dr. Wooff’s Hospital. She loves to show off all the newest fashion and likes to wear bright colored high heel shoes with matching dresses.

She loves dancing, singing, telling jokes, and collecting jewelry.

She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and has joined the clinic of Doctor Wooff to work there as a specialist for small animals.

Doctor Otto Shrink

Doctor Otto Shrink is the clinic's psychologist and he will address everything that has to do with animal neglect and abuse as well as behavioral issues.

His family members are all orangutans.

Dr. Shrink always has a pair of binoculars hanging around his neck and a back pack filled with solutions for all kind of problems. His hobbies are reading and swing dancing.

For relaxation he does stretching exercises. He speaks Japanese and travels the world to give speeches about endangered species and the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence.

He has a passion for motorcycles and will introduce his invention, "The Shrink Wrap".

Doctor Martin Bone

Doctor Martin Bone is a tall, handsome x-ray specialist. His ancestors are all black Labrador Retrievers.

He earned his veterinary degree in the United States and is board certified in surgery and particularly skilled at orthopedics.

He is an honest, wise and wellspoken friend of Doctor Wooff. His favorite country is England where he holds another veterinary degree.

He loves playing basketball, listening to classical music, and playing the saxophone. He loves to work with the newest technology and all the gadgets that are introduced to him.

Madame Paulette

Madame Paulette is the manager of the beauty salon located within Doctor Wooff’s animal hospital.

She is a white Poodle, and her family lives all over Germany and France; she speaks fluent French.

Her business partner is Aleasha, an Afghan Hound. They specialize in grooming and makeovers for Doctor Wooff’s clientele.

Madame Paulette hails from a long line of grand champion poodles and considers herself a beauty expert.

She loves to sing and dance, has a large collection of hair brushes, and collects lipsticks, nail polish, beauty products, handbags, purses, and shampoos. She has organized and trained a volunteer group to help her provide great grooming services for the less fortunate for free.

Miss Nellie

Miss Nellie is a hippo of African descent, and she is very well aware of her beauty.
Her main job is being the hospital receptionist and manager, which she handles with fun-loving diligence.

Miss Nellie is appreciated for her competence and scheduling skills.

When she is off work, she loves to swim and scuba dive for pearls, which she makes into jewelry that she wears.

Doctor Peter Pill

Dr. Peter Pill is a penguin and a pharmacist at Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital. After spending his life living in the cold climate of Alaska, he decided to sneak onto a cruise ship to escape the snow and frigid waters,

which had always bothered his sensitive skin.

He is an excellent mathematician and loves to spend hours organizing and counting anything he finds.

In his spare time he loves to walk the beach and sunbathe, but always has to be covered with sun block due to his sensitive skin.

During his time as a stowaway on the cruise ship, he fell in love with bow ties and now has a huge collection of them in various colors and designs and wears them everywhere he goes.

Doctor Judy Popper

Judy is a well groomed chimpanzee that grew up in the jungles of Africa.

She is a licensed chiropractor, massage therapist, and nutritionist

Judy loves ballet and dancing and is often seen practicing while wearing a tutu. Judy refuses to leave the house without her favorite hat, which she keeps decorated with fresh fruit and nuts for easy snacking throughout the day. She has a great sense of humor but she can get a little agitated, particularly, when a colleague tries to grab a fresh snack from her hat.

At Doctor Wooff’s clinic she provides special care for her patients in the therapeutic swimming pool.


Doctor Wooff brought Lady from Berlin, Germany, to America, after speaking at a European Veterinarian convention . She is a very playful, funny and entertaining black and silver Miniature Schnauzer.

She likes to hang around the clinic and is very nosey. Not much goes on that she does not know about.

She always has to tell Doctor Wooff what she has found out. She loves to hang out with Dave the Driver and Claude Gander , since there is always something going on.

She loves having staring contests with people, eating, watching animal movies, and playing "tug of war" with towels.

Lady has an obsession with her bone collection and she has a hard time giving away even one.


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