Many Ways to Collect Tickets!

There are a number of ways to collect tickets from Doctor Wooff

  1. Participating in Doctor Wooff's Favorite Artists and Authors campaign.
  2. Purchase Items in Doctor Wooff's online stores.
  3. Collect extra tickets with Doctor Wooff's Magnet Frenzy.
  4. Like and Share Doctor Wooff on Facebook to find out about additional options to collect tickets.
  5. Sign up for a Free Kidzz Club Membership, and we will mail you 7 tickets ( conditions for children to participate with parental consent applies )
  6. If you purchase a magnet, take a picture of it on your car and email it to
    If we use your picture on our Facebook page, we will send you extra bonus tickets and a surprise gift.

What Can I Do With All These Tickets?

Tickets can be used two ways. You can submit your tickets to Doctor Wooff's Great Prize Giveaway, where you can win a cruise, an xbox, an iPad mini, or one of many other prizes (and for more prizes see details about all prizes), or exchange them for an instant prize in “Doctor Wooff's Ticket Exchange.

Ticket Exchange details can be also found in Doctor Wooff’s Superstore”, and you can find Doctor Wooff’s Superstore at and click on “ shop now” and there you find the link “Ticket –Exchange” ( no obligations ).

You can either exchange some or all of your tickets in the Ticket Exchange or enter them for the “Great Prize Giveaway”. (When you receive your tickets, follow the instructions, fill them out and return them).

Doctor Wooff's Magnet Frenzy

Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow’s Magnet Frenzy has been established as an opportunity for all Animal Lovers to help and support their favorite Dog and Cat Rescue and Adoption clubs all across the country! This Magnet Frenzy campaign from Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow is designed to give every dog and cat rescue and adoption service the chance to receive as much as possible of the needed funds for their work, not once but throughout the year, month after month!

The Registration for all Dog and Cat Rescue and Adoption clubs, to participate in this Magnet Frenzy campaign and to receive their unique personalized club code is absolutely FREE!

How does the Magnet Frenzy works? Everyone who has a car can utilize his car as a “promotion-board” to become a live “Dog And Cat Rescue And Adoption Supporter” by putting a Magnet with his/her favorite Character(s) from Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital Dream Team on his/her car, where hundreds of people can see it every day.

If you are driving or sitting at a red light or in a traffic jam or if you just parked at a grocery store, no matter where you are with your car, other people can see your magnets and your statement, because each Magnet says: “I Support Animal Rescue” and it has the name of your chosen Character there, plus the website from Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow.

You are showing your personal support to your favorite animal rescue and adoption organization by using your clubs “special unique order code”
to be recognized at Doctor Wooff's Shop, and by doing so, you initiate a 50% donation on your behalf ,of every net dollar amount , to your favorite organization from every order you placed!

Can you imagine 50% of every net dollar amount on each and every order? That means literally that there can be thousands of dollars coming straight back to your favorite organization over and over again, and everyone who uses the unique special order code from your rescue and adoption club will initiate to your club the same 50% donation on their behalf, on everything he/she orders through our online shop at ! To spread this great opportunity and get the most for your organization, the magnets are the quickest way to multiply this campaign effectively and by sending your unique order code to as many people as possible, using e-mail and social media, and encourage your friends and family to help you to help your club, you have started a tremendous service for your organization and it is a lot of fun. They will love you forever and the animals too!

This is a great opportunity to establish an ongoing cash-flow to your favorite dog and cat rescue and adoption club not once a year, but rather over and over again, by promoting the “Doctor Wooff Magnet Frenzy Campaign” with the Magnets on your car!

If you don’t have a specific club to support, you can send us an email, and we will assist you in finding one.

We know that most families have multiple cars and by using magnets, you can easily switch them to the car you drive.

People will ask you about those Magnets and that is an additional chance for you to give them a flyer from your favorite Dog and Cat Rescue and Adoption Club with the special “Magnet Frenzy Code” and encourage them to join this Magnet Frenzy and become an active and live “Dog and Cat Rescue and Adoption Supporter”, and at the same time help educate a new generation about proper Animal care through Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow’s animated Animal Hospital cartoon project at To find out more, just visit us regularly, and don’t forget to sign up for your free monthly newsletter, where you will receive many valuable tips. Please like us on Facebook, (the page) and share it with your friends.

Let’s get involved in the Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow’s Magnet Frenzy and have FUN helping your favorite Rescue and Adoption Club to get the funds they need , thanks to your activities!

If your favorite Club does not have his own Magnet Frenzy code, please let us know, so that we can get in touch with them and provide them with a special unique code that you need at the checkout box.

For any further questions regarding this campaign you can contact us at

Doctor Wooff's Magnet Frenzy is your opportunity to promote proper animal care, support animal rescue and adoption organizations and also educate children and their parents, caregivers , grandparents, aunts and uncles, on the proper care of animals , through our Facebook posts and educational material and at the same time collect tickets for a chance to win prizes from Doctor Wooffs Great Prize Giveaway and from Doctor Wooff’s instant Prize/ Ticket Exchange corner.

Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow’s Favorite Artists and Authors

Doctor Wooff and his team are forming a collection of their favorite animal stories and drawings received from their fans.

These stories and drawings will be made into a book series.

Attention Children!!!

If you are between 4 and 12 years of age, you can become a published co-author or co-artist in Doctor Wooff’s book series.

You have the opportunity to participate by sending us your animal drawings and/or animal stories.

Each author and artist will receive, automatically, free tickets to enter the Doctor Wooff Great Prize Giveaway, or Doctor Wooff's Ticket Exchange, for their contributions as a thank you from us, for taking the time to participate in this event. ( some restriction apply , see Terms and Conditions)

Every author and artist will also receive a free copy of the book in which their artwork or story is published and where they will be recognized under “special thanks and credits” with their name and the number of the page, where their artwork can be found.

All stories and drawings must be hand written or hand drawn.

No typed or computer drawn items will be accepted. If you need a little help, have an adult assist you.

Stories should be no longer than three pages in length.

Submissions including the signed waiver must be sent by mail.

Details about this campaign and how to submit the signed waiver can be found under Terms and Conditions on our website.

Each submission will require a signed waiver by an adult.

Doctor Wooff's Great Prize Giveaway


All mentioned prizes are based on Average Retail Value (ARV)

Grand Prizes will be drawn on December 31, 2017

a) 1 Cruise for two to the Bahamas from a port in Florida, up to US$ 2,000

b) 1 XBox One up to US$ 400

c) 1 of a total of 4 mini I-pads up to US$ 250 each;

d) 1 of 20 of Doctor Wooff’s value t-shirts up to US$ 10.99 each;(From Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

e) 1 Doctor Wooff Watch, US$ 53.99 (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

f) 1 Doctor Wooff Beach Towel US$ 35.99 (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

g) 1 of 10 Doctor Wooff Wall Clocks, US$ 13.99 (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

h) 1 of 10 of Doctor Wooff’s Kids Water Bottles, with an of up to US$ 9.59 each; (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

i) 1 of 20 of Doctor Wooff’s stackable Coffee mugs (multiple colors are available) up to US$ 11.99; (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

j) 1 of 10 of Doctor Wooff’s Canvas Tote Bags, up to US$ 15.59 each; (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

k) 1 Doctor Wooff Messenger Bag, US$ 34.79 (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

l) 1 Doctor Wooff Beach Tote, US$ 23.99 (see Doctor Wooff's Super Store)

m) 1 of 50 Doctor Wooff Coloring, Activity and Comic books, US$ 4.00 each (From Doctor Wooff's Shop)

n) 1 of 20 Doctor Wooff Magnets (for refrigerators and cars) US$3.95 each (From Doctor Wooff's Shop)

o) 1 of 20 Doctor Wooff Autographed Sing–a-long Theme Song CD, US$ 4.99 each (From Doctor Wooff's Shop)

p) 1 Doctor Wooff Logo (12 inches in diameter) reflective Magnet (Great for your car), US$ 99.00 (From Doctor Wooff's Shop)

q) 1 Doctor Wooff Cast, (12 inches in diameter) reflective Magnet (Great for your car), US $ 99.00 (From Doctor Wooff's Shop)

Official Give Away Rules.

Doctor Wooff's Ticket Exchange

Instead of using your tickets for a chance to win in Doctor Wooff's Great Prize Giveaway, trade them for an instant prize in Doctor Wooff's Ticket Exchange Arcade!

It is as simple as filling out a Ticket Exchange Order Form and mailing it along with your tickets.

Tickets that are used in the Ticket Exchange Arcade will not be entered into the Great Prize Giveaway. However, if you have left over tickets they may be submitted, in a seperate envelope to the Great Prize Giveaway.

75 Tickets

75 tickets in exchange for a magnet or comic, coloring, or activity book (valued $4) from Doctor Wooff's Shop.

150 Tickets

150 tickets in exchange for any item valued $15 or less in Doctor Wooff's Super Store.

200 Tickets

200 tickets in exchange for any item valued $20 or less in Doctor Wooff's Super Store.

300 Tickets

300 tickets in exchange for any item valued $35 or less in Doctor Wooff's Super Store.

450 Tickets

450 tickets in exchange for any item $55 or less in Doctor Wooff's Super Store.

Ticket Exchange Order Form


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